Father's Day

My husband holding up a board for my son to kick.



Happy Father’s Day!!! My husband, my father and my brother are all great dads. Great dads have happy children. When I thought about Father’s day this year, I thought, “What have I learned from the father’s in my life?” In response, I’ve created this list.

10 Father’s Day Lessons I’ve Learned Over The Years From Great Fathers

  1. Being a great father is about role modeling the behavior you want to see in your child. I can’t tell you how many times my husband will stop what he’s doing to show my son what is necessary.
  1. Great fathers push their kids to excel even when the child really doesn’t want to try. Have you ever seen a kid who doesn’t want to try in basketball, or baseball or riding a bike? Well, I’ve witnessed it. And, when Dad says, “You’re going to try and succeed,” the kids respond.
  1. A great father knows to listen when their child is hurting. It’s not always about giving advice. Some times Dad’s know to just listen. My Dad and I have such a great connection and him listening to me when I’m having a hard time has really helped.

    Father's Day Lessons

    Me and My Dad on his birthday this year!

  1. A great father knows how to give stern advice without being preachy, but getting the message across nonetheless. When I hear my brother talking to his sons, he breaks the truth down, but he’s never harsh.
  1. A great father doesn’t mind explaining to the mom that there’s a difference between mothering and fathering. And, he knows that sometimes fathering needs to happen instead of mothering. I had to learn this the hard way. I wanna be Super Mom all the time, but my husband has shown me that sometimes Dad’s know best.
  1. A great father knows he must be a leader in his family as well as in the community. My husband is respected among his peers, at our church, within his organization. People look up to him and yet, he’s the quietest leader.
  1. A great father with bad vices knows he must eliminate bad habits which can negatively impact his children. I remember my brother changed how he spent his time once he had children. He saw how his actions would impact his boys.
  1. A great father knows his role is to provide financially for his children. My brother and my husband both take the responsibility of providing for their kids seriously. They know kids are expensive and they know kids didn’t ask to be here. So they step up their work to provide for their children.
  1. A great father knows its essential to allow children to have to fun along the way. My brother has more toys and gadgets for his kids that HE PLAYS along with them. Whenever I’m visiting, I’m astonished. I’m like, “You play that?” And, he always says, “Yeah.” He’s shown me how to have more fun with the kids.
  1. A great father knows he must respect his children’s mother even when he disagrees with her. No man always agrees with a woman. No father always agrees with the mother. But mutual respect is necessary. I’ve seen my father’s respect for my mother, my brother’s respect for his children’s mother and my husband’s respect for me–all in difficult times. Respect is so essential.


I thought it would have been hard to come up with 10 Lessons. But, as I started writing, I realized I could have just kept going… and going… like the energizer bunny. I feel wonderful about that. I’ve learned all these lessons from my Dad, my Husband and my Brother. They aren’t perfect people, but they are great fathers.


Happy Father’s Day to all of the Great fathers out there!!!


Peace & Love,



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