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I’ve always been a journaler… I’m not sure that’s even a word. But, I’ve always been a person who wrote in journals. I erroneously thought all authors wrote in journals. That’s not true. Some of my favorite authors don’t write in journals at all. I don’t know why and I think they should and so should you. Below I’ve included a list of the

10 Reasons To Start A Journal

1. Because you can’t remember everything. I like writing in my journal and then going back to it and seeing how the details bring about flavor to my memories.
2. Because brain dumps are healthy. Whether you realize it or not, your brain keeps a bunch of irrelevant musings in your head all the time. When you write them down, it gives your brain an opportunity to be cleansed and dumped from all of the non-sense. Dump in your journal.
3. Because it helps organize your life. I can’t say how many times I started writing in my journal and then I realized, oh shoot, I need to organize my closet or pay a bill. Journaling leads to organizing.
4.  Because it reminds you of the important things you need to do. At first my journal starts with what a wonderful day it is and then it digresses into a To-Do list. This happens so often. But, I’m glad because when I’m done journaling, I have a clear purpose for my day.
5. Because it reinforces what you really want in life. Sometimes in my journal I’ll write about wanting to finish a book or a screenplay. The more I write down what I want to do in my journal, the more likely I am to accomplish the goal. Journaling in this way reinforces my goals.
6.  Because it reveals who you’re really mad at. Sometimes when I get angry, I think I’m mad at one person but after writing about it, I find out who has really pissed me off. Journaling helps you to clarify that anger!
7. Because it makes you more creative. Sometimes when I’m journaling, a name of a character will pop into my head or something good that a character should be doing. Sometimes I’ll journal these things and put them in my writing program later.
8. Because it helps you to be more productive. When I’m journaling, I’m often thinking about what I’d like to do with my day. I start thinking about how I’m going to spend my time. When I’m finished, I like ready to go and this makes me more productive.
9. Because it helps you to get rid of clutter. A lot of people may not believe this, but sometimes when I’m journaling, I start thinking about stuff that I need to get rid of. I’m staring at the blank page and I’m like, “Clean out the garage for 15 minutes.” I’ll write that down and then I’ll do it. When I’m journaling, I’m more likely to think about decluttering and organizing.
10. Because it gives you a sense of accomplishment. When you journal and write down the things you’ve accomplished for the day, it makes you feel good. You know you haven’t wasted 24 hours. Journaling at the end of the day is a great tool for people who deal with procrastination because it shows how the day was beneficial and motivates people to get more done on the next day.


You can start writing 15 minutes in the morning in any kind of notebook or on a laptop or 15 minutes in the evening. For the morning, you can focus on what you’d like to accomplish for the day and how you feel. For the evening, you can focus on what you accomplished for the day and what you’d like to do on the next day. Set a timer on your phone for 15 minutes and let it rip.


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