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Famed Author, E. Lynn Harris Dead at 54

Famed Author, E. Lynn Harris

Famed Author, E. Lynn Harris

Everybody needs somebody who inspires them–who gives them something to shoot for. E. Lynn Harris was a prolific author who developed the courage to talk about his life and homosexuality in the African American community. He wrote vividly and created unforgettable characters. A lot of my youth readers are probably unfamiliar with E. Lynn Harris, but I decided to put his info on my page today because I wanted to share with you a great author who inspired me. You ever wonder what keeps me motivated? People like E. Lynn Harris motivate me. I want to send prayers up for his soul and blessings to his family. Our thoughts are with them.

RIP E. Lynn Harris.

Chris Brown Apologizes! – Can we forgive him?

Below I’ve included Chris Brown’s two minute apology concerning his attack on R&B superstar Rihanna. I felt it was necessary to include his apology for a couple of reasons. And here they are.

1. Chris Brown was 19 when this attack occurred and to our knowledge he has no other criminal incidents or violent incidents on his record. He’s young enough to be rehabilitated.

2. Chris Brown was in a home where domestic violence was a part of the usual routine. He learned violence as a way of life. He is smart enough to be rehabilitated.

3. We talk about forgiving people, but when someone reaches out to us, we often turn our backs. We can support his effort for recovery.

4. The punishment should fit the crime. I feel that Chris Brown has been all but exiled from the entertainment business because of this act. As many presentations on domestic violence and teen dating violence that I’ve done, it is wrong for us to exile a young man who wants and NEEDS our help. It is wrong of us to try to end his career over a mistake that he made when he was barely an adult.

5. If Chris Brown learns from this incident that he will never ever raise his hand again to another woman and then becomes an advocate for other young men to turn away from violence, then his forgiveness will have been well earned. Can we forgive him? Shouldn’t we? I think so.

Americans Are Getting Fatter… and more disabled… and sicker

I wanted to share this video about the fact that Americans across the nation are getting fatter. These reason obesity is such an issue is because it leads to illnesses that could be prevented (diabetes, high blood pressure, etc.) This obesity epidemic has shortened the lives of far too many people and it has already begun to trickle down to our young people. Youth in America should not be carrying the burden of obesity through their teenage years. As parents, as adults, as leaders we all should be doing more to reduce this issue in all communities across our nation.

I thought it’d be a great idea if my readers and I could get involved in being more healthy. In addition to working out, I walk at least 5 days a week for 40 minutes or more. I challenge you to join me. I walk around 7pm EST. Let’s walk together and get healthier. And then we can tweet about it at:

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Teen Rescues Drowning Boy

I’m always glad to hear of someone being in the right place and not being afraid to do what is necessary to make a change, or in this case, save a life. I had to share this story in case you missed it.

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8th grade girls speak out about why they fight

In my first documentary film, Can She Be Saved?, I explore the aggression behind the increase in fighting amongst middle school girls. I expose the US culture of violence and find out the root causes. In this trailer, you get to see a tidbit of what my film, Can She Be Saved? is all about.

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