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Report: Students have more sex if in coed dorms

College Student

College Student

A new study in the Journal of American College Health is announcing something that many of us have known for a long, long, long time: College students who are in coed housing have sex more than students in single-sex housing. As Homer Simpson would say, “Doh.” Portions of the study appeared in the USA today and revealed:  of the 510 students surveyed, 87% lived in coed dorms and

were more likely to say they’d had a sexual partner in the past year and more likely to think its all right ‘for two people to get together for sex and not necessarily expect anything further…

Can somebody say Friends With Benefits? This study also found that students were more likely to

say they drink alcohol at least weekly and far more likely to say they drink excessively on a regular basis – 41.5% reported weekly binge drinking

So here’s my question: Why are there co-ed dorms in the first place if it leads students to drink more and be more sexually active? Is that what colleges are going for?

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