Grown Women Having Sex With Teens=Pathetic!

Wendy Rogers

Wendy Rogers

After reading the article about Wendy Rogers, the 39 year old female Boy Scout leader who was recently found having sex with a 15 year old teen–a boy from her Boy Scout Group, no less– I had to speak up. Grown women having sex with boys is pathetic. Grown women have no right to exploit a teen’s inexperience or lack of maturity. Even if the boy consents, the act of a grown woman having sex with someone younger than 18, is sexual molestation. The boy cannot really consent to having sex with a grown woman because:

Unless you’re an adult you don’t really know what you’re offering when you give your sexual consent. Therefore, a 15 year old boy really has no idea what he’s getting into.

I’ve had male readers tell me that its a big up for a male student to have sex with his teacher. It makes the kid cool. But to me, that’s only a small part of the picture.Β  Say for example the kid consents and the woman actually has a husband or grown boyfriend who finds out. Perhaps this husband or boyfriend wants to prove a point to the boy. What happens then? Can a 15 year old boy defend himself against a grown man? Does the boy call his father to help him?

Say the grown woman wants to have a kid and gets pregnant by the 15 year old. The 15 year old has never even thought about having a child, but the grown woman ends up pregnant. What then? Is the 15 year then supposed to snap into daddy mode because his older girlfriend was worrying about her eggs expiring?

When people think that no harm has been done when a grown woman has sex with a boy, they’re wrong. Forcing a child to become an adult and have to make adult decisions before they’re mature enough to do so is wrong. Give that child the opportunity to be a child.

I’d love to read your comments on this.

To read the original story that inspired this post, click here.Β  BoyScoutLeaderGoneMad

  1. Oh this is pathetic. For real. Like you said, what happens when she ends up having a child. I would definitely be upset if I was the parent of this child. Not surprised by the ‘props’ given by many males but again if we want double standards to stop then we might want to stop participating in them. @ what the case would be if the genders were reversed.

  2. Perhaps it is pathetic on their part, but the idea that it is criminal in the same way as molestation, or any type of rape, is utterly laughable.

    Though I now know that such actions could have had serious consequences, I nonetheless would have jumped at the chance when I was that age, as would all the boys I knew. (Yes, even with the woman in question).

    Though the ramifications may be more than the kid could deal with, I suspect that the kid thoroughly enjoyed the act and was absolutely a willing participant.

  3. This just happened to my 14 year old son and two of his friends, two days ago. To say it is laughable to think enjoyment and willingness can reduce the criminality is beyond nauseating. Plying anybody, really, without regard to age, with alcohol and/or drugs and then ‘teaching’ them sexual acts is criminal in itself. Believe me, these boys are not feeling like superstars, proud or any of those other things men like to say to make it okay for women to molest boys. Plenty of young daughters have “seduced” their fathers, and “enjoyed” the sex – when you are a child (and from a strictly physiological brain-development fact, it is well past 18 before full reasoning capability is developed) you cannot give consent or even deal with the baggage it leaves. Alex, sounds like you lucked out and didn’t have the PLEASURE of being raped as a young boy. I would give my son’s experience, anguish and shame to you if I could.

  4. It seems like you are hearing more and more of teachers getting romantically involve with there students-only to find out that they too were taken advantage of when they were much younger themselves. How do you stop the CYCLE?

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