Gucci Mane: How I wish he didn’t have a record or an album, for that matter

Gucci Mane: How I wish he didn’t have a record or an album, for that matter

In perusing the internet, I came across the artwork for rapper, Gucci Mane’s upcoming album. It’s aptly titled “The State vs. Radric Davis.” Radric Davis, of course, being his government name. I dislike his artwork because it shows this artist in a prison jumpsuit, wearing handcuffs. I dislike this artwork because to a young person it sends the message that “I’m a cool artist and I’m on the cover of my rap album even though I’ve been to prison.”

I dislike the artwork because it AGAIN associates rappers with going to jail–an association I’ve been long tired of.

I dislike the artwork because some young person will think prison has become a rite of passage in becoming an artist. Am I by myself?

Gucci Mane's Album Cover

Gucci Mane's Album Cover

After looking at Gucci’s artwork, I decided to look up his legal history on line. From my research, I understand why he felt the need to do an album cover in a prison jumpsuit. Its a look he’s not unfamiliar with…. According to Wikipedia:

On May 10, 2005, Davis was attacked by a group of men who were trying to steal his trademark “So Icey” chain. Davis’ companions shot at the group, killing at least one. The corpse of one of the attackers, Henry Lee Clark III, was found at a middle school. Davis turned himself in to police investigators on May 19, 2005 and was subsequently charged with murder. Davis claimed that the shots fired by his party were in self-defense. The DeKalb County district attorney’s office dropped the murder charge in January 2006 due to insufficient evidence.

The previous October, in an unrelated matter, Davis had pleaded no contest to a charge of assault for assaulting a nightclub promoter the previous June; at the time the murder charge was dropped, he was serving a six-month prison sentence for this. Davis was released from prison in late January 2006.

In September 2008, Gucci Mane was arrested for parole violation for completing only 25 out of 600 community service hours following his 2005 arrest for assault. He was sentenced to a year in prison but was released after six months.

On November 12, 2009, Gucci Mane was sentenced to 12 months in prison for probation violation and taken away to prison in handcuffs.

So Gucci is in prison right now as his album is preparing to drop in 14 days. Right now, he’s “arguably” one of the hottest rappers guest starring on singles and he’s in prison. So like I said, I wish he didn’t have a record as in a prison record and maybe, just maybe, I wish he didn’t have an album either.

More people are going to focus on the fact that he’s in prison than the fact that he started writing poetry when he was 14. SMH.

Gucci. Gucci. Gucci. I hope that you get your life together after this stint in prison.

What do you think? Will his being in prison become more important than his music? Let me know your thoughts.

  1. No, you are not alone. Unfortunately though, even without Mr. Davis’s album cover, COUNTLESS NUMBER OF YOUNG ADULTS (even and especially those between lets say 17-26ish) view that jail thing as a ‘rights of passage’. And it is sad. Extremely. Fear has become the calling card and everyone wants it in their pocket. It is misplaced and improperly diagnosed as ‘respect’. @ fear. Jail is an EASY way to obtain it and that is a cycle that somehow has to be stopped. I try to do my part to impart this on the youths I do know and I wish more would do that. Now, eventually, all rappers do pretty much tell you that ‘jail is not where it is at’ but not after letting using it as a calling card for success. I hope one day that cycle changes. I will do my part to see that it does. Every time one of my favorite rappers go to jail (Sad that I have to even say that huh?), I don’t condone it. No matter who it is.

    Nice piece.

  2. Nope! you are not alone on this one…every day I get more and more turned off by hip hip, the same way youthose younger han me get more and more tuned on by it. It’s sad to say but I think after his short stint in jail his “music” will be of even less substance

  3. I have been following your post and view, on the subject of sooo many rappers going to jail, and that being the Representation of rap today … With that, I have developed the following view point, which should be something to Write about . First, the black community is made of the most talented people on the face of the earth. These “rappers”
    Are not short of talent, but, their environment produces destructive behavior, and outlook on life. They are not “rappers” first,
    Then go to jail, trying to act like “what” they think a rapper should be… They are not individuals who went to college, or even
    Graduated from high school, in most cases, then go to jail….

    The music industry execs, sought out these individuals to sell records… the rappers going to jail, would go to jail without rap…
    The successful rapper (financially), we as educated people look @ as “what are you doing, going to jail” you have so much Opportunity to not have to live that life… but just because they rap, doesn’t mean they are educated, and won’t surround themselves With the same people they grew up with..
    In summary, no education means destructive behavior .. being a “rapper” won’t change that.

  4. I had mixed views. I don’t glorify going to prison. As Yasmin said and I agree, some young person may see it as a rite of passage. I’m old school and don’t know who Gucci is. So when I saw the picture I gave him the benefit of the doubt. I noticed the handcuffs were not locked. So I thought the brother was going esoteric on us. I though he was saying I’m breaking away from my imprisonment, but now if his profile is correct, he may not be going spiritual, but laughing because he beat another rap. Constantly getting into trouble doesn’t suggest that one is breaking away from mental and physical slavery or imprisonment. He is accommodating the system.

  5. I agree, however, I feel he shouldn’t have such a big buzz, or a deal, because I feel he has no talent. I have yet to hear a song where I have thought otherwise. He has a new song with Usher, and the only reason it is getting played, is because of the beat and usher on the hook. His monotone delivery, his lack of lyrical ability… I feel he’s a disgrace to Hiphop. He is a clear example of a rapper, and NOT an MC.

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