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Stranded in ATL: Part 2

Last year after the American Library Association convention, there was a groundstop in Atlanta and on my way home, I was stranded in Atlanta. The airline gave me a partial credit for a hotel room and told me to go outside and find the shuttle! So, I sat on a bench for what seemed like 60 minutes or more and waited for a shuttle to take me to the airport. That was last year. Part 2, I flew from Dulles Airport in Washington, DC to Atlanta, today. Then I was SUPPOSED to fly from Atlanta to London. Instead, me and […]

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Nominated for Best USA Documentary At Intl Youth Film Festival

Hello there. I’m putting together my final preparations for my travel to  the International Youth Film Festival. Can She Be Saved? will be screening in Port Talbot/ South Wales at Thursday at 9pm. Its always so great to be nominated especially since the film was such a labor of love. Anyway, I plan on taking plenty of pictures. Special thanks to my cousin Maurice for making this happen for me!

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Morning Inspiration: Randy Pausch (Video) Achieving Childhood Dreams

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Sex Tapes: Why do we care so much? (Photo)

I’m stumped by the American fascination with the sex tape. I’m surprised at how the sex tape has launched so many careers. When I hear that someone has a sex tape, I immediately think, “And?” I don’t think stuff like, “He or she MUST have TALENT.” I don’t think, “That’s the person that I want selling me shoes, makeup, shampoo, etc.” I don’t think, “That’s the person who I ABSOLUTELY must see on a REALITY TV show.” The fascination with the sex tape? I don’t get it. I don’t know why people care so much about the sex tape. I […]

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