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Funny Video: Sagging Pants, You Better Put A Belt On It (Beyonce Remix)

Well this is a funny video, telling all the brothers to pull their pants up! Amen to that! I love the concept of the video. Get, get, get it, creative people! This is hilarious!

Vote for Kim Iverson to be on Regis & Kelly!

I like to support the people who support me and my work. Kim Iverson is a radio host who welcomed me on to her radio show to talk about girl fights, Retaliation and Can She Be Saved? So, I think its important to show some support for her now!!! Please vote for my girl, Kim Iverson.

Life Choices: What Makes It Worth It?

After hearing so much about porn and sex tapes over the past several days, I wanted to ask the question, “What Makes It Worth It?” Not just to people who choose to make sex tapes but anyone with any choice in their lives. What if you take a job that you think will make you rich, but instead it just makes you miserable. Was it worth it? Say you stay in a relationship that isn’t fulfilling and secretly you want out, is it worth it? What if you begin to become friends with people under false pretenses and they find out that you are a fraud… Was it worth it?

I try not to criticize people for their choices. Instead I like to focus on the value of the choice.

All choices have a certain value–what you invest and what you receive. Not every choice gives us back what we put in to it. Some choices make us pay more than we thought we would.

Food for thought… What do you think???

Stranded in ATL: Part 2

I can't do flights through ATL!

Last year after the American Library Association convention, there was a groundstop in Atlanta and on my way home, I was stranded in Atlanta. The airline gave me a partial credit for a hotel room and told me to go outside and find the shuttle! So, I sat on a bench for what seemed like 60 minutes or more and waited for a shuttle to take me to the airport. That was last year.

Part 2, I flew from Dulles Airport in Washington, DC to Atlanta, today. Then I was SUPPOSED to fly from Atlanta to London. Instead, me and three other people were told, there’s no room for you on the flight. Yeah. Stranded in ATL: Part 2.

Tomorrow in Wales, UK, my film is having its international premiere. And, I won’t be there. Of course, I’m disappointed. I like to think globally and I wanted to support my film globally. Instead, I’m in the Hampton Inn writing on my laptop because I’m too disappointed to go to sleep. I’m back on the airport shuttle in less that 3 and 1/2 hours with the hopes that they’ll put me on a flight back home. You see any flight that the airline had for tomorrow would get me to London AFTER my premier thus making the trip MUTE!

I’m going to stop crying now and move on. But, I am not liking Atlanta’s airport. This is like the 2nd time I’ve been stranded. And the reality is: I fly a lot. And the only place that I ever get stranded is Atlanta. What is up with that? I think my picture says it all.

Nominated for Best USA Documentary At Intl Youth Film Festival

Hello there. I’m putting together my final preparations for my travel to  the International Youth Film Festival. Can She Be Saved? will be screening in Port Talbot/ South Wales at Thursday at 9pm. Its always so great to be nominated especially since the film was such a labor of love. Anyway, I plan on taking plenty of pictures. Special thanks to my cousin Maurice for making this happen for me!

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