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New Movie: Let Me In – I Gotta See It (Trailer)

I’m not one for horror or scary movies. I basically feel that life can be so scary at times that there is no real point for me to go to the movies and be scared enough to wet my pants! HOWEVER, on this special occasion, I’ve seen a movie that really looks good. Its showing at a new independent art house in DC and I’m going to go to show it some love!

Happy Birthday To ME! :Thanks to All of You!

This is me on my birthday!

Hey people. Today is my birthday. I started it off with a facial and a hot stone massage. That was fantastic. I also went to the screening of Can She Be Saved? at the Reel Independent Film Festival. My Dad got a chance to see Can She Be Saved? on the big screen. So, its a wonderful thing. I’m going to one of my favorite restaurants in a little while. But I wanted to say…

Thank you to everyone who has sent me Birthday Wishes, Born Day wishes, Earth Day Luv and the whole nine. You’ve helped to make my day special.

Peace, Love & Prosperity to all of you!

PS. I’m still loving my naturally wavy hair. Its taken me a long time to get to this point. But, Lord knows, now that I’m here, I LOVE IT.

Can She Be Saved? Screens in Washington, DC Tomorrow!

Hey there. I am celebrating the 13th Film Festival Screening of Can She Be Saved? this weekend. It happens to coincide with my birthday, so I’m extra excited and its definitely poetic. I’ll be at the ARC in Washington, DC. The address is 1901 Mississippi Ave, SE. The Can She Be Saved? trailer is below:

My Movie Of The Week: Hereafter (Trailer)

Here’s my movie of the week, starring Matt Damon.

Hip Hop News: Kanye Admits Contemplating Suicide

I just read on a couple of blogs that Kanye recently admitted to contemplating suicide.

I want to make a clarification that contemplating or thinking about suicide is not the act itself.

Artists are emotional creatures by nature. We experience the highest of highs and the lowest of lows. Things that a non-emotional person sees as a paper cut, we see as a deep gash. We feel things in ways that people can hardly imagine. It’s what makes us great artists. I, too, when I was a teen contemplated suicide. I THOUGHT about it.

Just because a thought goes through your head doesn’t mean you go through with the idea. You may look at a story of someone who has robbed a bank and say to yourself, “Man, if I had a million dollars…” But, that doesn’t mean you go out and rob a bank.

I believe many artists have contemplated suicide. I believe its par for the course. Its who we are. We are often our own harshest critics and because of that we suffer; because of that, we have contemplated suicide. But the beauty of being an artist is that you’re brave enough to share your testimony and what you’ve learned from it.

I believe Kanye said, “I will never give up on life again.” People, that’s the point.

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