Rid Yourself of Mental BlocksWelcome to this episode of Live Better with Your Host, Yasmin Shiraz.  You guys who’ve been listening to me know I’m a screenwriter, author and filmmaker. But what you didn’t know is: Sometimes I suffer from creative or MENTAL blocks! Yes. A mental block for me is when you can’t figure something out. Does that ever happen to you?

Rid Yourself Of Mental Blocks

Here are three questions:


  1. Have you ever had a problem and couldn’t come up with a solution?

  2. Have you ever felt completely frustrated over one particular issue for a long time?

  3. Do you ever want to just bang your head up against the wall because it doesn’t seem like your brain is working right?


If you answered yes to those questions and yes, even to number three then, this podcast is for you.

Okay, so here’s my confession: Several years ago, I wrote this script about a guy finding a girl, it was a sort of Cinderella. It had this billionaire dollar premise, but I couldn’t figure out how to get the premise on the page. Meaning, I wrote the story, I wrote the script but I couldn’t capture the Cinderella element. I don’t know why. I beat my head against the wall for days, weeks, months, and dare I say, years, but nothing would come. So, last week, I go on vacation. I’m not remotely thinking of this particular script. I am reading books and then I strike up a conversation with my husband about the script. And, before you know it, the solution for this script is falling out of my mouth. I was so shocked that words cannot express my true feeling. But, how did that happen? How did I get a breakthrough?


  1. I stopped thinking about the problem.
  2. I started engaging my brain in other ways… Meaning I was reading books, I was working on other projects.
  3. I let lots of time pass and then I had a simple conversation about the project.


That’s when EUREKA happened. So, I want to share those three steps with you. I didn’t find a solution by obsessing about the problem. I think my brain needed some support and by reading, it helped my brain a little bit. And then, without any pressure, conversing about the topic brought the solution to light. I have to say I was really relaxed and not stressed out when this happened, but I still believe those three steps are key to getting your breakthrough.


Now, I am so anxious to re-write the script with the notes from my breakthrough.

Is anyone out there struggling with a mental block? Try those three steps and tell me what happens.

Thanks for listening to this episode of Live Better with your host, Yasmin Shiraz… I’ve hope you’ve enjoyed the show.

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See you next time.


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