pinterestI wanted to do something different for my body, so I decided to try a 30 day squat challenge. I have various pinterest fitness boards so it’s easy for me to find new exercises to try. So, I’m joining in and trying something new. I posted the graphic below on Facebook and some friends have agreed to participate with me. Rumor has it that this challenge can help you to lose one pant size in a month and give you a curvier backside… I don’t know. I’m willing to try it. I figure a curvier backside is a good thing!


Join me and some of my facebook friends as we talk about the squat challenge on FB… I’ll be posting updates on my site, but also on my facebook page,

I’d think it’d be great to take photos and do measurements of our hips at the beginning of the challenge and when its over… What do you think??? The measuring tape doesn’t lie…

The image above is the “Easy Squat Challenge” and the image below is the “Squat Challenge.” Pick your poison! We can do this!


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