5 Writing TipsI’ve written this post because I think many of us think we are better writers than we actually are. I’m GUILTY of this. Did this blog post start on a negative note? Perhaps. But, all writers have blind spots. Blind spots create weaknesses in our writing. Our job as writers is to always get better and to find our blind spots. For years, I’ve had a dialogue blind spot which I just recently discovered thanks to a colleague in my writer’s group and a reviewer on the BlackList site. Because I’d been sending my scripts around, I thought I didn’t have blind spots. But, that wasn’t true. I did. So why didn’t I know this sooner? And, my fellow writers and aspiring writers, what can we do to become better and find our blind spots? What can we do to go from good to great?

5 Writing Tips to go from Good to Great:

  1. Join a writer’s group.
  2. Find a couple of people in your writer’s group and ask them to read your scripts.
  3. Read books on the writing craft ie. dialogue, characters, plots, etc.
  4. Practice exercises which are given in the writing craft books.
  5. Pay for a professional evaluation by someone who DOES NOT know you.

5 reasons why I didn’t see my blind spots sooner:

  1. I had a personal relationship with my editor and I believe the person didn’t tell me the harsh truth about the scripts.
  2. I had people who I knew reading my scripts who were clearly biased in my favor.
  3. I didn’t associate with writers who were high caliber writers.
  4. I was afraid to let other professional writers read my material.
  5. I didn’t invest in a writer coach/teacher to personally evaluate my material.

I wish I could get back the years it took me to see my blind spots sooner. I really do. But, I can’t. So, I don’t want other writers making my same mistakes. Friends are great but if they aren’t professional writers or are biased in anyway, they aren’t going to give you the feedback you need. Sorry. But, its true. Your best writing friends are writers who write better than you so they can elevate your skill level. Don’t be intimidated by them, be inspired.

Our job as writers is to continue to get better and be the best at what we do. If you’re on the operating table, you don’t want a doctor who has blind spots, you want the doctor who is at the top of his game. That’s our job as well. We must get to that top tier, no matter what, no matter how steep the climb.

I encourage all writers out here. We are in this together.

Keep writing.

Be blessed.

Peace & Love,




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