How To Write A Fiction BookI am so thankful for all the avid book readers out there. I love people who love books. But, do you have a fiction book inside of you? Would you like to write a fiction book based on your life? In this article, I’m sharing how to pull specific experiences from your life, give them to characters and create the storyline for your book.


  1. Identify a significant or traumatic experience that happened in your life. Examples of significant events: You were thrown in prison, somebody close to you died, etc. Insignificant events: You didn’t like Ketchup as a kid. Though it can add texture to your character, not liking Ketchup is not a significant event.
  2. Read a good fiction book. I could suggest one of mine, but I’m cool as long as you read a good book.
  3. Make note of how many pages make up this good fiction book.
  4. Make a note of how many characters carry the story in this good fiction book.
  5. Make note of the goal of the characters in this good fiction book.
  1. Go back to your significant or traumatic experience. How many key characters are going to deal with this issue in your story? Who are the characters? If it’s a family based story, how many family members are involved? If it’s a romance, who are the key players? Every great story needs really good characters.
  1. Reflect on your true life experience, but now make your experience bigger, grander, or worse. For example, say your traumatic event was being thrown in jail. Now, make your main character be thrown in jail with his best friend and his girlfriend is pregnant. Remember, this novel isn’t totally your life story. You’re simply taking key events or experiences and fictionalizing them.

Every great fiction book has a goal for the main character and this is where writing reality based fiction can be difficult. So, read the next tip carefully.

  1. Step outside of your significant or traumatic experience and give your character a goal. For example, were you on your way to accept an Engineering scholarship when you were arrested and falsely imprisoned? Your main character needs a goal that he/she is pursuing.

Get started writing today by jotting down a few ideas about significant experiences you’ve had in your life. You can write down a number of experiences and select which ones you’d like to include in your book.

I hope this helps. And, when your first book is published, don’t forget to thank me in the credits. πŸ™‚


See you next week.




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