Accepting RejectionWelcome to this episode of Live Better with your host, Yasmin Shiraz. Thanks for listening!!! The title of this episode is Accepting Rejection. I’ve read so many articles about how people need to learn how to accept rejection, but accepting rejection is hard. And, how can you accept rejection when you can’t see through the tears? So this episode is about rejection–receiving it, accepting it and learning how to handle it.

Here are three questions for you:

  1. Have you ever experienced rejection in your life?
  2. Have you ever wondered what to do with the rejection once it happened?
  3. Have you ever felt broken as a result of the rejection.


If you answered yes and struggle with rejection, then this podcast should be helpful for you. But, it’s also going to get very personal.


I’ve received so many rejections in my career. Rejection letters from literary agents early on in my career as an author. Rejection letters from writing programs early in my screenwriting career and most recently I shared a rejection that I experienced on my YouTube show, The Chronicles of SuperDuperYasmin.  I did a video on YouTube about a TV pilot that I’d written and how excited I was to pitch it. Well, upon settling in at the pitch meeting to discuss the finer points of the pilot, the pilot was essentially ripped to shreds. I’m not going to go into all the gory details, you’ll have to go to my youtube channel and see me cry on screen for that, but I learned that what I had to do in order to make my pilot stronger.


Because I’ve received so many rejections and have found the strength to keep moving on, I wanted to share what I learned about rejection in this podcast.


  1. In receiving rejection- always consider the source. Is someone rejection you because they are hating or do they have legitimate reasons for it. That’s so important. Early in my career in looking for a literary agent, I received 100 rejection letters. In reading the rejection letters, I realized that most of the agents didn’t know how to represent my first book and so they didn’t want to take it on. Through my own hard work, I was able to attract Simon & Schuster without an agent. So, the rejections that I received in that area taught me to follow my gut.


  1. In accepting it — No one is in control of every situation. Rejection has taught me that. I’ve learned to accept rejection and then I notice other opportunities seem to materialize immediately. When I couldn’t find an agent, I instead found a publisher.


  1.  In learning how to handle it — After I consider the source and the situation, I try to consider ways of how the rejection can help me. In the case of my TV pilot, it made me join a writer’s group and get feedback from other writers. It also made me get evaluations for my other work. The rejection made me research various writing techniques. In short, the rejection of my pilot, made me strive to become an even better writer. So, in that case, the rejection helped me. All of my writing is better because of the rejection of the pilot.


The last thing that I want to say about rejection today is: I don’t want rejection to steal anyone’s passion, dreams or desire. Just because one person rejects you doesn’t mean you are on the wrong path. I think you must believe in yourself and do the work.

Thanks for listening to Live Better with your host, Yasmin Shiraz. I hope this podcast helps someone. If you’d like me to address any specific topic on the show, please email me: If you’re interested in seeing the video that inspired this podcast, Here it is:

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