American Idol

At American Idol VIP Rehearsal

Hi everyone. I’m in Los Angeles working and I wanted to give you an update. For the the rest of this month, on Funny Fridays I’ll be uploading The Chronicles of @SuperDuperYasmin instead of alternating between The Tisha Ariel Nikkole Show and The Chronicles. Since, I’m away from my studio, I’d prefer to  upload The Chronicles since they’re a bit more informal and don’t need the green screen.  I hope everyone who is following my videos can understand this production adjustment.

I will be staying on schedule with the podcast on “Make It Happen Mondays” and I’ll still be adding a writing tip for “Winning Writing Wednesdays.” I appreciate everyone listening to the podcast and utilizing the writing tips.

This week I went to the VIP Rehearsal of American Idol. It was awesome. As a writer, you have to put yourself in places and network so that people get to know who you are and get a sense of your personality. So, visiting American Idol gave me one of those opportunities.

I also witnessed Ryan Seacrest work up close and personal. And, all I can say is, “The Man Is A MACHINE!” Throughout my career, I’ve always been motivated by people who seem to be passionate and hardworking, Ryan Seacrest is on it.

I’m not a regularly watcher of American Idol, but I did enjoy all of the performances. Those group of young people can sing. I wish them all the best.

Peace & Love,


PS. Have you joined the 7 Week Success Challenge? It isn’t too late. Listen to the podcast and partake.

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