Screen Shot 2014-04-12 at 3.38.45 PMI recently wrote a post that was featured on the Cherry Mischievous book blog site.

The post was about how stories come to life and since Accused was the book that I was promoting, I spoke specifically about that book’s story.


I want to thank Cherry Mischievous for featuring my guest post and participating in the Accused book tour and give-a-way. Here’s a link to the article on their site.


Here’s a snippet of the post right here on my site:

Accused: Behind the Novel

by Yasmin Shiraz

I hear parts of a story in my head, through dreams or fleeting thoughts.  After I initially hear parts of a story in my head, I conduct research on the topic itself. All of my young adult books have a serious issue that pulls the reader through the story. In the case of my latest book Accused, I dealt with both sexual assault and an innocent person being falsely accused. In researching sexual assaults and the use of date rape drugs, I scoured newspapers, magazines, and internet articles dealing with the subject. I was absolutely devastated when I discovered victims who do not go to the hospital immediately after being given a date rape drug will likely have no evidence in their system 8 hours later. Most victims, however, aren’t going to the hospital within 8 hours because they don’t know they have been drugged. In addition, most women won’t know who gave them the drug and will not know who attacked them and therefore, won’t be able to identify their attacker. This information really motivated me to write Accused. Young women attending college who accept drinks from people are putting themselves at risk and it’s important for them to know that.

I believe that authors should use whatever motivates them in crafting a great story. My process continues to change and grow with each book. I guess the point isn’t how you write. The point is to WRITE.


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