commonandjohnlegendThere had been so much talk about the blackout for Oscars 2015, I wasn’t sure that I’d enjoy the awards show very much. In case you don’t know, there was criticism of the Academy for not having people of color nominated in any of the major categories. With such a powerful film as Selma, I was definitely not optimistic about Oscar this year.  Nonetheless, I watched the broadcast and found some moments to absolutely wonderful. Here they are:


  1. Common and John Legend performing Glory and getting a standing ovation for their performance! “Powerful” was how the Huffington Post described it.
  2. Common and John Legend winning an Oscar for their song, “Glory” from the Selma movie soundtrack. I’ve been a Common fan for so long, it just warmed my heart to see such a talented rapper and artist be recognized. And, I’ve always love my folks from Chicago. They are down to earth in a totally different way. Also, their acceptance speeches were both so on point. They represented for the African American men that they are.  Loved it!
  3. Lady Gaga did a tribute to the Sound of Music and it totally blew me away. I mean, I knew Lady Gaga had talent, but my goodness, she KILLED IT! I’m telling you, YOUTUBE it, GOOGLE it. Find Lady Gaga’s Oscar 2015 appearance. Then, add it to your playlist.
  4. Seeing Julie Andrews… Some of you many not know Julie Andrews, but I love musicals so I know her and love her! My favorite movie of hers is Victor/Victoria. Anyway, she was there and she’s just such a class act. She is so regal!
  5. Jennifer Hudson looked nice and sang. Every time she sings at the Oscars, it reminds me that she already has an Oscar! Hello!
  6. I loved seeing Oprah, Lupita, Idris, Ava, Terrance, Kerry, Eddie, and so many people of color in the audience. African Americans were certainly underrepresented in the categories, but our presence was all throughout the ceremony.
  7. Oh, I did really like Neil Patrick Harris and Anna Kendrick’s opening number… Neil Patrick Harris is talented!!!

Congratulations to all the winners and nominees!!! See you next year.

Peace & Love,


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