loveLadies (and guys, if this applies to you):

Happy Valentine’s Day! Ya’ll know I like to be real so I wanted to share what I hope you’ll find is the best valentine’s advice ever!

Tisha Ariel Nikkole’s Best Valentine’s Advice

  1. Get rid of your man or woman –significant other – if he/she isn’t treating you right! You are worthy of a person who makes you feel like a queen or king! Being with someone who mistreats you will lead you to a path of disaster.
  2. Get rid of your man or woman–significant other – if you think he/she is cheating on you. Come on, now. If you don’t know who else he/she is sleeping with, you won’t know what he/she is bringing home in the form of a disease. Hello, you are not trying to get cooties!
  3. If you’re by yourself on this Valentine’s day, don’t be down. Some people are coupled up with a person who is making them absolutely miserable. Be glad that ain’t you. HELLO!
  4. If you’re by yourself on this Valentine’s day, do something for you. Get your nails done. Go to the movies by yourself. You know how to do something enjoyable by yourself, don’t be scurred.
  5. Don’t trip on all the Hallmark hype on Valentine’s Day. PUHLEASE! Valentine’s Day is just another freakin’ day. Don’t trip and you’ll be alright.

Have a great day. I think I’m going to the movies today to see a movie BY MYSELF. Shout be lunching right now.

–Tisha Ariel Nikkole

ExclusiveRevampPS. Yasmin wants you to know if you haven’t started reading Exclusive, you should. It’s my “love story” — for lack of a better word–with that knucklehead Shout. He gives me fits sometimes, but make no mistake, I know how to kick a playa to the curb.

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