Bill Cosby ScandalHow many women have accused Bill Cosby? Bill Cosby’s 3,501st Accuser spoke to Tisha Ariel Nikkole today and explained the rumors behind the story that some women “agreed” to “sex and drugs” with the famous comedian. The Bill Cosby Scandal continues to shock many of us. This week Whoopi Goldberg renounced her support of Bill Cosby and the week before that Jill Scott admitted she may have been wrong to support him. We, over at Still Eye Rise Media, were stumped by the latest story and were inspired to create a video. We hope you like it.

**On a serious note: In our research this week we found stories alleging that women had agreed to sex and drugs with Bill Cosby. Celebrities–we see them on TV, in movies–we read their books but we don’t know them. We don’t know what they do behind closed doors. We wish we did, but we don’t. In a celebrity obsessed culture, we’re inundated with celebrity and it gives us a false sense of knowing people. But, we don’t know these people. I watched the Cosby show and loved it. But, I don’t pretend to know Bill Cosby. I don’t pretend to know what he would or wouldn’t do. As an advocate for victims of sexual assault I can say, I’m not a fan of Bill Cosby right now. Not because I’m jumping to conclusions, but because when a large number of victims essentially tells the same story, it means they were victimized.

As the number of accusers continues to grow, Tisha thought this would be a great time to do a video on this very controversial topic. And, though we laugh, we realize rape and getting drugged is no laughing matter.


Peace & Love,


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