Hi everyone!! Thanks for coming to my site. I’m an author, screenwriter, director and producer. But, really, deep down, I’m a person with a lot of stories and would like to see them in different mediums. I graduated from Hampton University and I studied Sociology. I enjoyed it so much that I went on to get my graduate degree in Sociology from Morehead State University. Sociology taught me how to study people, society and circumstances. If you ever read any of my books or watch any of my film work, you will see my Sociology all through it. I care about people and I want to tell great stories.

Some people wonder if I write book for teens as well as adults. And the answer is YES! I started out writing books that were based on my life experiences as a teen and young woman and then I wanted to write novels that reflected my adult experiences. I wanted my girls from The Blueprint for My Girls to know that I was growing right alongside them.


I am the author of 13 books including The Blueprint for My Girls: How To Build A Life Full of Courage, Determination and Self Love (Simon and Schuster.) My book Retaliation won a top ten award from the American Library Association. Together with my Tisha Ariel Nikkole adult fiction series, I’ve enjoyed quite a career as a storyteller.

Screenwriter / Director

My first documentary production, Can She Be Saved?, which I wrote and directed—examined violence among middle school girls. I also am the screenwriter of the short film, They Call Me Dae which was an official selection at the NC Black Film Festival and screened at various film industry events in New York City. The DC Department of Mental Health also partnered with me to write and direct The Difference, a short film about teen suicide.


Growing Up Positive, my documentary on youth with HIV, is premiering on PBS in December 2016. I have produced television projects for the DIY Network and have also produced a web series for Yahoo! TV. As an independent film producer, I wrote, directed and produced the short film, They Call Me Dae. And, I was the script supervisor for the Cannes selected film, Charlotte which was directed by Angel Kristie Williams.

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