Black People Get SunburnI’m back with the latest episode of The Chronicles of SuperDuperYasmin. SuperDuperYasmin is my cape wearing alter ego. She’s known to conquer tall projects with a swoop of her pen. But apparently, she is not well-versed in the area of being sunburned. So, we’ve done a video to share with everyone an absolute truth:

Black People Get Sunburn…

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I shot the video about 35 minutes before going to the airport for London. I like to share my experiences but my sun burn had to stop itching before I could produce a video about it. Call me crazy… Anyway, after going my entire life without ever getting sunburn, this experience was a total shocker. I know how to stay out of the sun and wear sunblock and I’ve recently learned not to take for granted short amounts of time in the sun. It can really jack you up.

Before this incident, I had done extensive research on sunscreens and so I’m going to share 3 tips that I hope you’ll find useful.

  1. Look for sunscreen with ZINC OXIDE in it. Zinc Oxide actually BLOCKS the sun from penetrating your skin. If you’ve ever watched Baywatch and you saw the lifeguards with strips of white on their noses, that is Zinc Oxide. Walmart sells at least one sunscreen with Zinc Oxide.
  2. If you suffer from dry skin and sun further dries your skin out, I’ve found it useful to moisturize with a think cream prior to putting on Zinc Oxide. Zinc Oxide acts as a real sealer and sun protectant. So, it keeps your skin moisturized and protected.
  3. If you’re undecided about good sunscreens for your face, I use the oil free Oil of Olay or Neutrogena sunscreens with a minimum 25 SPF. My dermatologist likes these brands of sunscreen for the face.

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