brucejenner“How do I tell my story?” Whether you watched the Bruce Jenner interview or not, there is something to be learned from his recent interview with Diane Sawyer. Admitting that he struggled with his gender identify for all of his life was quite a statement to make. But, the courage that he must have in order to not only tell his family, but to tell the whole world… There is no turning back from this kind of honesty.

A colleague of mine recently asked, “Why is the Bruce Jenner story such a thing?” In haste, I responded that it was a thing because of the people who watch Keeping Up With the Kardashians and it was also a thing for the people who remember Bruce being an Olympian way back in 1976. But now that I’ve watched the interview and reflected my attitude has changed.

Bruce’s interview is so significant because he has no reason to lie. He has every reason to continue to pretend to be someone who he is not. Bruce Jenner could have continued to live without letting us in on his inner turmoil or his inner struggle. He could have continued to do reality TV and PRETEND that he was this macho, masculine, idea of every man that so many of us believed that he was.

But, he didn’t. And, that’s where this story gets interesting. From endorsement deals, to family acceptance, Bruce Jenner had every reason to stay silent. So, since the interview aired many people have congratulated him and called him a hero. But, how could he be a hero? What has he done? Well, for anyone who doubts why he is a hero, let me break it down in three statements.

  1. He stopped living a lie. (How many of us would dare do that?)
  2. He told the whole world his secret. (How many of us would do that?)
  3. He had everything to lose and he went forward anyway. (How many of us would risk it all.

I applaud Bruce Jenner’s honesty, his strength and his testimony. Everyone, not just transgenders, can learn from Bruce.

Peace & Love,



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