butt implants cause medical conditionI’m taking you all on a new journey. I’m going into new territory. I’m expanding the English language with a valuable contribution that has to do with the popularity of butt enhancement surgery and discovering a new medical condition.


I’m sharing this information with you because I want my readers to be aware of all kinds of medical conditions. I don’t want my readers to fall victim of any ills with butt implants, surgical implants or anything else. I also want my readers to get a laugh in. Everyone deserves a good laugh every day. I hope this episode of the Chronicles of @SuperDuperYasmin gives you a giggle. Also if you find the Chronicles of @SuperDuperYasmin funny, please share the videos in your networks and subscribe to my YouTube channel.


Here’s the video:

Side note: The Chronicles of @SuperDuperYasmin gives the viewers a light hearted side of my life as an author, screenwriter, publisher, etc. Right now, I’m in California and I’m staying with a mature Jewish family. Of course, there are numerous episodes which will come from this choice of living quarters. I hope you will stay tuned.

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