cherishWelcome to this episode of Live Better with your host, Yasmin Shiraz. Today’s tip actually came to me on Mother’s Day a few years ago. For some reason, I was in a craft store thinking about my career on that day. I was thinking about the things that I wanted to happen and was wondering if they were happening fast enough. So, before we get into this podcast, I wanna ask you a few questions:


1. Do you stop to congratulate yourself for a job well done?

2. Do you acknowledge the small victories that you’ve made in your life?

3. Do you appreciate good fortune–whether big or small–when it comes your way?


If you answered no to any of those questions, you and I are just alike. Or at least we used to be! I used to never congratulate myself when I did something well. I didn’t acknowledge my small victories. And, I wasn’t particularly grateful when good fortune came because I always looked at the fortune as small and I wanted bigger fortune to come my way.


But one day I realized, its not just the destination, its the journey. You have to appreciate your journey. And your journey is often filled with small successes. Let me give you an example as it relates to my career as an author. I used to complain that things weren’t happening in my career fast enough. Every time I wrote a book and it was released, I’d wait for the dam to break. I’d wait for the TV  and radio interview requests, the magazine interviews and the like. And slowly but surely, they’d start coming. But every time ABC in DC would call to do a TV interview, I’d say, “Well, they aren’t CNN!” I didn’t appreciate the blessings that were happening in my career. But, then, Somewhere along the way, I learned, that if you can’t appreciate local news exposure, how do you figure you deserve national exposure?


I don’t know what your particular career is, but I encourage you to end you day with three things that went well for you. Name three successes that you’ve had in a day. Or name one. The point is for us to embrace and rejoice in our own success. It teaches us to appreciate what we have and braces us for more success.


I hope this tip helps someone out there to cherish their successes whether big or small.


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