2015-02-26 18.43.21I recently had my first college screening for Growing Up Positive as part of a health empowerment and black history month celebration at Presbyterian College in Clinton, SC. I’d never been to Clinton before and so this was a new experience for me.


We had a question and answer session about the making of the documentary. There is so much more that goes on behind the scenes. Making Growing Up Positive definitely has impacted the way that I’ll make any future documentaries. I learned so much about people.

We also discussed why taking on topics like HIV/AIDS is so important to me as a filmmaker, author, mom–just the whole thing. It’s not going away so we gotta deal with it in a positive and empowering way. Growing Up Positive features activists, Hydeia Broadbent and Abigail Harrigan, two young women who were born HIV positive. They share aspect about their lives which you’d never expect. I am grateful to Hydeia and Abigail for participating in this project.

Thanks to Presbyterian for inviting me. I hope we get to do another program again soon.

Colleges and universities interested in screening Growing Up Positive, let me know. #Women’sHistoryMonth #Health #Empowerment  College tour dates are still available. Email me: Yshiraz AT YasminShiraz DOT net.

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