Congrats Mizzou students for standing up for what you believe in. Going to college is tough enough without having to deal with racial strife on the campus. I want to send my support to Jonathan Butler and the other students at the University of Missouri for protesting and demonstrating the need for better campus conditions for ALL STUDENTS. If you agree, please share this vine.



There have been racial incidents against black students on campus since October. The students had attempted to speak to the college president about the incidents to no avail. Jonathan Butler, a graduate student, had planned a hunger strike. Most recently both the college president and the college chancellor have quit their posts amid black student protests, since the football team refused to play the three remaining games, and the faculty also threatened to walk out. Their protests are about the university refusing to do anything about the racial climate on campus. Its important to note that black and white football players as well as the coaches stood united on this issue with the black students. It was reported that had the football team not played the upcoming game against BYU, it would have cost the school $1 Million Dollars. That’s a lot of smackeroos!

That’s always the thing in America, though isn’t it? Money. It all comes down to money. I’m glad the football team stood united with the black students. No college or university wants to lose money when everyone knows their sports programs are their biggest source of REVENUE.

Congrats again to all the Mizzou students who protested. You all are going down as students with backbone who actually believe in something. You are to be commended. The road isn’t over but the fight has surely begun. You all have sent the message that you will not take racial intolerance lying down. Good for you. You inspire us all.


Peace & Love,


Here’s another story about the protests and fallout.

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