Slide1Welcome to this episode of Live Better with your host, Yasmin Shiraz. Today’s tip actually came out of a place of anger. I was getting frustrated reading about injustices in America and throughout the world. I was tired of hearing stories of woe. And then something dawned on me. I was getting frustrated reading about these things because I think we need to be people of action, not simply people of reaction. Let’s think about this for a moment…


1. What makes you angry?

2. What situation are you dealing with that you don’t want to deal with anymore?

3. What situation do you feel is unfair?

4.  Are there any situations that make you feel powerless?


Those are real questions to make us examine our lives. But, here’s the charge. If we don’t like something that is happening in our lives, we should do something about it. What steps do you need to take to do something about your life? What changes do I need to make to improve what is happening in my life?


It is often believed that to change the things that bother you in your life that HUGE changes must be made, but sometimes, small steps lead to big changes. Pick up a book. Go to the library to learn something new. Volunteer at a organization that can help you. Reach out and ask for help.


Several years ago, I wanted to learn about making movies and so I began to go to film festivals. Prior to going to festivals, I was becoming frustrated with my lack of knowledge in that area. But once, I started going, my frustration disappeared. Did it make sense for me to continue to complain about what I didn’t know about filmmaking or did it make sense for me to do something about it?


I understand that as human beings we need to share and sometimes talk about what is going wrong in our lives. I understand that. But, this life tip is saying after you’ve shared what’s wrong in your life, take some steps to make things right. Do something for yourself. Do something about the things that bother you.


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See you next time.

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