Zimmerman1I received an email update today from the Huffington Post alerting me to the news that the Department of Justice has decided against filing charges against George Zimmerman for his role in the death of African American teenager Trayvon Martin. Many people believe George Zimmerman’s actions were unjustified and malicious. I thought whatever the jury had decided, surely the Department of Justice would stand up for this young teen who’d been unarmed and gunned down. But, nope, not today.


If you are a young person of college age or younger and are familiar with the Trayvon Martin case, What do you think should be done to prevent more cases such as these from popping us all across America? If the power is in your  hands, what can you do?

I’m someone who believes in order to stop senseless violence such as this everyone must be enlightened–the police officers, the legal system, communities, and individuals. We all must value every life and not regard some people’s lives with such disdain and worthlessness.

On the image I created for this post, I put #BlackLivesMatter and a colleague on Facebook commented that all lives matter. Yes all lives should matter but unfortunately when it comes to the senseless killings of people of color by police and in this case, George Zimmerman, there is a message going out that black lives don’t matter. African Americans would love to feel our lives matters on par with other Americans. But, with the statistics on police brutality, false imprisonment, as well as national incarceration rates, its hard to believe that they do.

I look forward to your thoughts on this post.

Peace & Love,


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