Like many of you, I’ve watched the presidential campaign over the last several months with disgust. I’ve seen candidates like Donald Trump and Marco Rubio display anything but presidential behavior. And just when I thought the campaign couldn’t get anymore low brow, I’ve seen protesters at Donald Trump rallies be punched in the face, kicked and thrown to the ground.

I think people should be able to support whomever they believe in, but I draw the line at assaulting protesters at rallies. No one should ever feel that assaulting someone because of a difference of opinion is okay. It is barbaric and short-sighted. If every person was attacked for disagreeing with another person, there would be no peace on earth.

dumptrumpWhat kind of presidential candidate inspires his supporters to react violently? I shake my head. I don’t want to believe in anyone enough that I start to feel I should punch someone in the face who is walking away from me. My issue with Trump is that his silence about the assaults, in essence, condones violence. I was recently watching the Rachel Maddow show and saw the numerous scuffles and melees at Trump rallies. But, I did not see Donald Trump addressing his supporters and telling them to stop with the violent attacks. I searched many television shows and that part of the dialogue from Donald Trump was missing. I saw plenty of video clips of him talking about his victories and how Rubio needs to drop out. But, I didn’t see anything about stopping violence.

I believe Donald Trump should be able to run for president in America.

I do not believe Trump supporters should be able to attack protesters and get away with it.

Nor, do I believe they should attack protesters, period. When history writes about the Donald Trump campaign for presidency, I wonder if history will mention the hatred and violence that Donald Trump supporters seem to embody. Fellow journalists have mentioned Donald Trump’s uprising with that of Adolf Hitler. I easily see the comparison. Hitler commanded, orchestrated and inspired people to kill others. Donald Trump, by what he is saying and what he is not saying, has evidently inspired his supporters to violently assault others. It isn’t right. And, yet, it is happening in 2016.

What can we do about it? Make sure you are registered to vote. Speak out about the violence inspired by the Donald Trump campaign. Let your voice be heard.

Peace & Love,





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