mayaangelouOur beloved poet, writer, author and educator, Dr. Maya Angelou has passed on. She was 86. I was taken to see her when I was about 10 years old. She performed her poems, but what I remembered most was her performing some pieces by Paul Laurence Dunbar. She could move a crowd. To see her live in her hey day was truly an electrifying experience. Her energy and spirit absolutely filled the room. I love you Dr. Maya Angelou and may you truly rest in peace.


The tears are falling as I sit at my desk. I was not related to Dr. Angelou but I felt so connected to her writing and her belief in expressing oneself. It amazes me how you can be emotionally connected to people for what they represent and how they inspire you, yet you can be totally disconnected to your actual family. I thank God that Dr. Maya Angelou walked this earth. Her writings comforted me when family could not. Her writings inspired me when friends would not. To live a life in which you’ve touched people–those who you knew and those who you didn’t–is to truly live.


I created the graphic below that includes a short piece from my favorite poem of hers, And Still I Rise….


Peace & Love,


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