Drake vs Meek BeefAs the rap beef between Drake and Meek Mill continues, I was inspired to produce a new Tisha Ariel Nikkole episode, “5 Friends Every Rapper Needs To Win A Rap Beef.” From Krs-One vs. MC Shan, LL Cool J vs. Cannibis, B.I.G. vs. Tupac, Nas vs. Jay-Z, t0 50 Cent vs. Ja Rule–there has never been a rap beef to play out in social media… until now.ย  Having been around to witness some of these beefs, I gotta say, its a different world right now. Times have changed. I hope you enjoy the latest video.


Drake vs Meek Beef

So much has been written about the Drake vs Meek beef. It started when Meek accused Drake of not writing his own rhymes. From there, Drake released two diss tracks and Meek released one. According to Black Twitter and journalists all over, Drake has won the beef so far…

Drake Vs. Meek Beef

I was never really one to get caught up in rap beefs–even though I’ve always loved the music. I look at music as a business and who cares what somebody has to say about you if they’re not stopping your checks? But, this beef was interesting to me because of how social media played a part in getting licks in. Let me give you some examples.

1. Instagram – Back in the day, you couldn’t make fun of your rap opponent and then send it out and have hundreds of thousands of people see it within minutes. Hello Instagram!Drake vs Meek Beef

2. Twitter – Back in the day, you couldn’t release a rap record and within an hour have millions of people listening to it, tweeting it, and quoting lyrics from the record. Hello, Twitter!


Instagram and Twitter both act as judges as well as armies in shooting bullets at the other side. I’ve seen more Meme’s dissing Meek than I saw of those dissing Drake. As far as Twitter goes, so many more people commented in Drake’s favor regarding the battle. It was like Meek had fans, but they weren’t loud enough, visible enough or quick enough.

I wonder how rap old heads like KRS-ONE, MC SHAN, and even LL COOL J think about how new rap beefs are won. It seems like if you have a strong social media game, you’re half-way there.

Peace & Love,


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