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I just read an article about the embattled Duggar family and their show 19 and Counting on the TLC network. According to TMZ, TLC is considering axing Josh from the show, but essentially keep the show running. This is a mistake and is misleading to everyone who watches TLC. I’m in favor of axing the ENTIRE SHOW and let me explain why…


  1. Axing Josh says to the world that Josh is the problem. When a 14 year old molests 5 underage girls, there is a problem for sure. But, how his parents handle or HIDE the problem is also a huge issue. All reports seem to indicate that Jim Bob and Michelle actively hid Josh’s problem.
  2. Parents who actively hid child molestation are not role models who belong on TV. This is too simple to ignore.
  3. Parents who did not seek to get their son substantial help (therapy) for his problem are not role models who belong on TV. Again, they are not worthy.
  4. Parents who, in fact, took their child who admitted child molestation to a law enforcement official who later was arrested for child porn, show poor judgement skills and therefore do not belong on TV.
  5. We have not heard one peep about how the girls who were molested were treated after this incident. It leads me to believe that they were ignored. Again, unacceptable for people who are supposed to be about “family values.”

So, what should Jim Bob and Michelle have done, in my opinion?

  1. Josh should have received counseling by a licensed child/family therapist not affiliated with their church.
  2. Josh should have stayed in therapy until the licensed child/family therapist felt he was cured from his criminal behavior.
  3. The parents should have changed the security around the children so that Children would not be watching Children and thereby molesting children. Business should not have remained AS USUAL.
  4. The parents should have taken each of their daughters who was molested to a licensed child/family therapist to make sure they were okay.
  5. The parents should have attended family therapy with a licensed child/family therapist to get assistance on how they are raising their family. Clearly, something has gone astray.

I realize this is the second day that I’ve spoken about the Duggars. And, honestly, I don’t even like the show. But, I do not like when children are taken advantage of and clearly, this is what has happened. Its unacceptable. I’m outraged and you should be too.

What do you think Jim Bob & Michelle should have done when Josh admitted child molestation? Email me and let me know: yshiraz@yasminshiraz.net

Peace & Love,


In case you haven’t seen my video on the topic, here it is…

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