Duggar Family As I was uploading my YouTube video on the Duggar Family, I saw an article which stated TLC had pulled the plug on their TV show. Good. I don’t have anything against the Duggars except I don’t want people who ignore child molestation and the pain it causes sharing their family values all over my TV.


As I expected, whenever there is a case of child groping and molestation involving a minor perpetrator, people are so quick to say that the perpetrator was a minor. But, so were the people that this perpetrator violated. It is always about the perpetrator and never about the victims. Again, I don’t have anything against the Duggars except it doesn’t seem like they stood up for the girls who Josh violated. Their focus appeared to be about protecting Josh and making light of what Josh did. I understand Josh was 14 when this happened. I understand he is a Christian and believes God has forgiven him for his sins. Good for him. My concern is about the potential scarring his misdeeds have left on the victims. I could care less about if God has forgiven him or not. That’s between him and God. But, the girls… how are they doing? Are they suffering? Do they question themselves or their self esteem? Do they feel inadequate because of the innocence their brother took from them? These are the questions going through my mind. I am not thinking about if Josh is a changed man. Again, I don’t care about Josh. I am not thinking about if Josh told his wife–don’t care about her either. As a parent, we have to make sure our children are protected –even if this means they must be protected from another family member.


Why families continue to protect child molesters is beyond me. Child Molestation is the molesters crime not yours. I’ve seen so many families dodge and hide trying to pretend that the uncle, brother, or cousin isn’t a pervert when everyone knows he clearly is. Pretending isn’t helping anyone. Let’s stop it.


I’m not a regular scripture quoter or anything but it seems to me I recall some scripture that would be appropriate for this occasion. “What is done in the dark, will be brought to the light.” Duggars, we see you and we are not impressed.

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