calledAccepting That You Are Chosen

How many times have we run away from doing something different? How many times have we ignored our calling? How many times have we tried to quiet the voice in our heads–that voice that tells us to go another way?

Today’s entrepreneur tip involves each of us accepting that we are chosen to do whatever life has for us. I wanna share a personal story of mine.

Years ago I was writing for a small publication in Norfolk, VA. I didn’t like how the publisher was doing things and a colleague of mine suggested, “You should start your own magazine.” I always thought that I should be doing something unique. I never fit the personality of a nine to fiver. I thought about starting my own business and told myself again and again, “What do I know about starting a business?” But, days and weeks and months passed and the voice in my head kept asking me, “When are you gonna do it?” I eventually listened to the voice in my head and stepped out on my own.  And, when I stepped out, I finally found a place where I belonged.

As an entrepreneur, I am able to work in ways that suit my personality.

I’ve observed so many of us–myself included–run away from the things that we are supposed to do. So, here are three questions to ask yourself when you begin to hear that voice in your head calling you and you don’t want to answer:


1. Will you regret not taking the chance that is calling to you?

2.  Are your ideas unique to you and could fill a void in the marketplace?

3. Will your business help other people?


Those questions may seem simplistic, but I continue to ask myself those very questions as I start new business ventures and carve out new ways to be successful. There are many of us who have been chosen, but many of us refuse to respond to our calling. Will you respond to your calling?

If you have questions that you’d like to be addressed on the blog or via the Live Better podcast, please email me Yshiraz AT YasminShiraz dot net.

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