ACCUSED 3DBOOKI had so much anxiety before completing the 2nd book in the Retaliation series, Accused. I wanted Accused to be as good… Actually, I wanted it to be better than Retaliation.

But, so many people loved Retaliation. I was concerned about disappointing them.

Would I let them down by trying to write a book as good as the original? Would they think that I strayed from the core story? Those thoughts ran through my head when I first started writing Accused. But, I didn’t allow doubt to stop me from writing. I pressed on. Now that the Accused reviews are beginning to trickle in, Accused is rating higher than Retaliation on GoodReads… As of the time of this post, Accused is averaging 4.33/5.0 stars compared to Retaliation’s 4.20/5.0 stars. Though Retaliation has wayyyyy more reviews than Accused, I accept this beginning as a fantastic start to where Accused is headed.

From this experience, I’m learning and re-learning that we can’t underestimate ourselves. Go for it. Do what you believe that you should do. And, even when you hear small voices of doubt, silence them by moving forward, powerfully, steadily and with passion. So, check the graphic. Copy it, post it, add it to your pinterest page. And remember, never underestimate yourself.

If you’d like to check the Goodreads page with Retaliation and Accused, please click here.


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