fatherdaughterWelcome to episode 11 of Live Better with your host, Yasmin Shiraz. Today, I want to share a Father’s Day Message which has guided me through my life. It is a message that I learned as a young person through hanging out with my Dad.


The message is “Do The Nontraditional.” When I was growing up and my Dad would cut the grass, I would go outside and ask if I could help. He allowed me to trim bushes, to cut grass, to engage in a lot of activities that weren’t traditionally meant for girls. If he was making bookshelves, he’d allow me to help sand the boards. If he was wallpapering, he’d allow me to mix the paste. What I didn’t realize then, but I understand now is that by allowing me to do “nontraditional” things, it broke gender limitations in my thinking.


So when I became a business owner–a male dominated occupation, I didn’t think, “It’s not for me because I am a woman.” I was doing things that boys did for such a long time that it didn’t phase me.

Now, I must admit, I enjoy that aspect of myself. I enjoy the fearlessness with which I attack painting the household or installing a ceiling fan. But, it is that same attitude that allows me to manage the contractors who work for my business.


Many times in life people will try to limit you along gender, age, or even racial lines. When you begin to do the nontraditional, you find yourself banishing your own limitations and any limitations that others have placed on you.


So, today, I encourage you to do something nontraditional. Try to cook a meal, if historically that hasn’t been something for you. Try to cut the grass if you never have. The point is to do something outside of your traditional expectations.

I’ve found that breaking a small tradition, will lead to a whole world of new and exciting possibilities.

Isn’t it time for your life to become more exciting?


Thank you for reading this post and/or listening to the podcast. And, thanks to my Dad for showing me that little girls can do anything including wielding a hammer, paintbrush and a pair of garden shears.

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See you next time.

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