FeelingGoodWelcome to the Live Better podcast with me, your host, Yasmin Shiraz. I’m glad to be with you today! I have a special treat for you. A listener to the Live Better podcast requested that I do a podcast on dealing with depression. Many of you may not realize that I’ve suffered from depression over the years and so this was a request I happily jumped at the opportunity to produce. There is a history of mental illness in my family and so I’ve always been an advocate of learning about depression, anxiety, schizophrenia and other mental health conditions.


Earlier this year I found a book called, Feeling Good: The New Good Therapy by Dr. David D. Burns, MD. This book is phenomenal in teaching new coping skills for Depression. So, I’m crafting a 4- week podcast series which will take some examples from the book, Feeling Good and share them with the audience. It is my hope that anybody who can be helped by this book will get their own copy but will be able to use some of the tips I’ll be sharing in this 4 week series.

One of the tips included in the Feeling Good book involves “Overwhelming Yourself.” If anyone out here suffers from mild depression or anxiety, how many times have you felt overwhelmed by the things you are doing or by the things you’d like to do? Say for example, you want to create a blog. You think its a good idea but before you can even establish the blog, you’re worrying about how many articles you’ll need to publish, you’ll worried about how m any photos you’ll need and so on. What happens is you become before you ever get started. Dr. Burns identifies this as a problem and in his book, he recommends us breaking down a project into smaller pieces so that we can look at one part of the task at a time. So, your goal is to create a blog. Your first task is to come up with the name of your blog. Then, your second task is to figure out where the blog will be hosted. Then, your third task is to write your first article.

In the book, Feeling Good, Dr. Burns recommends us to look at each part and to not overwhelm ourselves because overwhelming ourselves leads us to feel depressed about the enormity of what we’re trying to do, it leads us to feel anxious about what we’re attempting. And before you know, we’re down on ourselves about not being able to complete the task and we feel bad, then we feel depressed.


So, in this episode of Live Better, I’m saying to everyone who may be overwhelmed when taking on projects and being overwhelmed is leading you to feel bad, depressed, anxious and down on yourself, take the project a part. Give yourself one goal a day– and that is one part of the big goal a day. That’s it. Acknowledge the task one part at a time and then go from there.

I’ve used this technique from this book and it’s allowed me to feel less overwhelmed. The tips provided in this podcast are not a substitute for medical help. If you are in distress, and are feeling depressed, please go see a medical professional. And, if you are in crisis, the National Suicide Help line is 800.273.TALK.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this episode of Live Better with Your Host Yasmin Shiraz. If you have any tips or questions that you’d like me address on my site or on the Live Better podcast, please email me at yshiraz@yasminshiraz.net For more Live Better episodes, please visit www.yasminshiraz.net , sign up on iTunes or sign up on Stitcher Radio.

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Peace & Love,

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