5 Reasons To Visit Mexico (plus, you might run into me in the process!)

I’m vacationing in Cancun, Mexico. I’ve been to Mexico before and enjoy the beautiful beaches. Though I’m on vacation, I’m still writing, reading and doing yoga! I feel blessed to be able to travel with my family and see beautiful parts of the world. My husband and I vote on every place that we visit. Sometimes its hard to decide where to go. If you’re planning a vacation, I know you might be going through some thought process on where to go. Well, here are five reasons I think visiting Mexico is a good idea:

mexico20141) The beaches are beautiful.

2) The water is clear blue.

3) The food is delicious.

4)  The weather is awesome.

5) For an international trip from the US, its fairly reasonable.


The picture to the right is from my balcony. Beautiful view!

I’ll probably add some photos to my instagram of my Mexico vacation. I’m @superduperyasmin on Instagram.


Hope everyone has a great week!


Peace & Love,



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