Flint WaterThere is a petition on filmmaker Michael Moore’s website which is urging for the arrest of the Governor of Michigan. The governor of Michigan is the lovely fellow who knew about the poisoning of Flint water and did nothing for two whole years. I wrote a graduate thesis comparing white collar criminals to blue collar criminals eons ago. And, I must say, “I don’t find fault in wanting the governor arrested.” Would it in fact send a message to government officials who are violating the public trust? I think that it would.


In case you don’t know what has happened, the people of Flint, MI have been getting tainted water for two years. And, the governor, Rick Snyder, knew about it. This started in 2014 when the city of Flint changed its water source. They changed it to the Flint River and the officials failed to apply corrosion control and treatment to the water. Without corrosion control and treatment the people drinking the water, bathing in the water were in fact, poisoned.

Flint Water CrisisAfter this went on for two years, Governor Snyder issued a state of emergency and President Obama issued a federal emergency and authorized help from FEMA and the Dept of Homeland Security. But is it enough? The people in Flint were POISONED. The Flint water is still not good and the maladies that will come from being poisoned for two YEARS is problematic, at best.

If you wanna know how serious this is, Michael Moore said it best:

A crime against humanity has been committed against the people of Flint, making them refugees in their own homes. Tell me honestly: if you were living in Flint right now, and you learned that your children had been drinking lead-filled water for two years, and then you discovered that the Governor knew this and the state lied about it – tell me, just how fast would your head be spinning? With your children now poisoned, and with the poisoning continuing… is the word “nonviolence” dominating your thoughts right now? Are you absolutely, stunningly amazed how peaceful the people in Flint have remained? Are you curious how much longer that can last? I hope it does. If you want to help Flint, sign the petition, demand that the federal government take action, and then get involved yourself, wherever you live, so that this doesn’t happen to you – and so that the people we elect know they can no longer break the law as they rule by fiat or indifference. We deserve much better than this.

I hope you listen to my podcast and sign the petition. Let’s send the message and help the people of Flint as well as the people of America. The Flint water crisis could happen in your city.

Peace & Love,




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