Life Tip: Focus On The Solutions


focusWelcome to this episode of Live Better with your host Yasmin Shiraz. I hope everyone listening is doing fantastic. Today’s topic is: Focus On The Solutions. This sounds really simple but let me ask you a few questions?


1. Do you rant and rave when something bad happens?

2. Do you ever obsess about problems?

3. Do you ever obsess about the person who caused the problem?


If you answered yes to any of the questions asked, then this episode of Live Better is for you. And honestly, I remind myself of this tip often.


When I first finished college I remembered being a person who whenever I had a problem, I would call people and ask their opinions on the problem. I would ask them what they thought. I would say stuff like, Can you believe this happened? Can you believe so and so did this? Etcetera Etcetera. But, somewhere along the line I realized I was wasting time talking about the problem and the amount of time I spent talking about the problem, I needed to be utilizing to focus on the solution. So instead of 2 hours of I can’t believe this has happened to me. I spent 2 hours on let me resolve what has happened to me. The end result in changing my thinking made every problem that I had smaller. Have you ever noticed when you talk about a problem, it can get larger and larger? It grows into a 800 lb blob of problem. Well, when I started focusing on the solution, the problem shrank faster than ever before. In my book, small problems are always better than big ones.


So the next time you have a problem and trust me, you’ll have more. Immediately start thinking, what’s the solution? Start thinking how can this be solved? Start asking yourself, how can this problem be smaller. This probably goes without saying, but not everyone can solve your problems for you. So, sit for a moment and reflect on the challenge you’re facing and come up with a list of solutions. Brainstorm if necessary. But, today, I encourage you and myself to be a person who thinks in terms of solutions and not problems.


I hope this tip helps someone.

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