Freddie Gray

Freddie Gray Should Still Be Alive

Freddie Gray’s death was ruled a homicide and six officers were charged with murder. The Baltimore young man “suffered a severe and critical neck injury” while in police custody and he later went into a coma and died. Gruesome. Six officers were on the scene, but no one offered any reason for his injuries. However, Baltimore City State Attorney, Marilyn Mosby said that Freddie Gray was unrestrained in a police van and it is apparently against police policy to transport a unrestrained prisoner. (WOW!)

It’s been less than 30 days since we saw Walter Scott be shot in the back by officer Michael Slager who was also charged with murder.ย  Former Officer Slager shot Scott in the back eight times while he was attempting to flee. Despicable.

Will the fact that seven officers involved in these two murders be a deterrent to police who are murdering people in this fashion? Will police officers losing their jobs, pensions, and security because of being caught murdering people prevent other officers from doing the same? Something needs to happen to wake-up police officers who are so willing to use deadly force when its clearly not justified.

I’ve been following discussions online about these kinds of police murders. Some people are quick to point out black suspects who were attempting to run away from police. But, running away from a police officer is not a crime punishable by death.ย  And, with the number of black men who have been killed by police, don’t you think they are afraid when confronted by police? Afraid enough to run? I know I would be. And, even though I’m a black woman, I am afraid. Will they see me as a threat? Will they see me as a person whose life has no value? These are all questions that have entered my mind.

Police officers being charged with murder is the first step toward justice. The officers involved in both of these crimes must be convicted in order for justice to truly be served. Police officers in prison is not a happy thought for me. But,ย  Walter Scott and Freddie Gray’s murders were a tragedy and someone needs to be punished for those crimes. Further, until police are convicted of these kinds of murders, I believe these cold blooded killings will continue.

I have a cousin who is a retired NYPD police detective. I have nothing but love for honorable men and women who serve. But, for those who are willfully taking the lives of people just because they can, they are not worthy of the uniform.

What do you think will deter police officers for killing black men in this manner? I’d love to know your opinions. Email me: or Leave a Comment on the site.


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