Free DVDsDo you like to watch movies?

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Do you like documentaries?

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Could you write two – three sentences about a documentary you’ve liked or disliked?

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Do you ever watch movies online?

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Do you have 30 minutes to watch one of my films?

If yes, I’m grateful so please keep reading.

Anyway, if you’re willing to watch my documentary film, Can She Be Saved? AND write a two-three sentence review on, I will send you the Can She Be Saved DVD or send you an online screener.

In order to get the Can She Be Saved? DVD, you must send me an email to that says, “I understand you will be sending me a copy of the film, Can She Be Saved? and I will watch the film and post my review on Amazon within 3 days of watching it.”

Teachers and Librarians–if you review Can She Be Saved? you will be able to keep the copy of the film to be used in your classroom and libraries. The more I produce, the more I realize that I must share and distribute the videos to the people who will use them in the classroom. I hope you will take advantage of this opportunity.

About Can She Be Saved?

I won 4 film awards for Can She Be Saved? The documentary shares the story of 8th grade girls who fight as a form of resolving conflict. The way they communicate their stories is absolutely mind blowing. Here’s the link to the trailer:

As you may realize, I have other films as well. I am creating a DVD reviewer list for people who enjoy watching movies but also will share their experience on Amazon. It helps me a lot when you all review my work. Word of mouth is the best advertising.

***This promotion is limited to the first 25 responses. So, hurry up and email me: You know you need a good documentary in YOUR LIFE!

Peace & Love,


PS. If you have ever received a free book from one of my promotions but never reviewed it, you don’t qualify for this promotion. Sorry. I can only send promotional products to people who actually promote the product by doing their reviews. Hope you understand.




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