A couple of weeks ago, I decided to produce the “Chronicles of @SuperDuperYasmin” which is a Vlog series sharing my personal adventures. @SuperDuperYasmin is my more outgoing and hilarious alter-ego. It’s also my instagram handle…


Funny Video: The Black Woman’s Totem Pole

Some of the videos will be humorous and others will take on a serious slant. This week’s video is funny as it spotlights my recently trip to a comedy club in Los Angeles. I hope you will find the humor in it. Also, if you’re interested in asking certain aspects of my career as a author, screenwriter, and filmmaker, feel free to email me and maybe it’ll become an episode in the Chronicles of @SuperDuperYasmin. My email is Yshiraz AT yasminshiraz.net …

In this episode I share info about The Black Woman’s Totem Pole something I wasn’t even aware existed!!! I thank comedian Corey Fernandez for his humor and insight. Shoot, I also thank him for recognizing the real with the Totem Pole!!! Holla. Feel free to share this video in your networks.

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With the popularity of implants, I felt this acknowledgment was right on time.  Often times the beauty of African American women is denied or under attack, so I look forward to opportunities where I can highlight our positive attributes.

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