Things Black Church People SayTisha is back with a new video:

“Things Black Church People Say.”

One recent Sunday when Tisha should have been in church, she was walking in a meadow. And, by meadow, she means she was walking in the neighborhood. While she was walking, she experienced a fit of laughter. She can’t really explain it except to say, it got her thinking about church. Perhaps it was because she was not in church which led to her feelings. Anyway, Tisha has attended her share of church services in her lifetime. And, her recent fit of laughter led to this video: Things Black Church People Say…


Can you believe the video above is Tisha’s 11th video? Well, below is a list to the ones she’s done so far…ย  Check them out and see what you’ve missed…

Peace & Love,

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Episode 4 Tavis Smiley Slams Empire TV Show Part 2
Episode 5 Raven Symone Rejects Harriet Tubman for the $20 Dollar Bill
Episode 6 The Duggar Family Needs To Get Off The Air
Episode 7 Take The Test– Are you really Black?
Episode 8 Bill Cosby’s 3,501st Accuser Speaks Out
Episode 9 Meek vs. Drake: 5 Friends Every Rapper Needs To Win A Rap Battle
Episode 10 Geno vs. IK: 5 Money Lessons From the NFL
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