IMG_2156What happens at a Top Secret TV Show meeting?

I recently recorded the 4th episode of The Chronicles of SuperDuperYasmin. In this episode I share what happened at my “Top Secret TV Show” meeting in LA. You may remember that I traveled to Los Angeles recently. Well, I decided to share what is happening behind the scenes…  I don’t know if you’ll enjoy watching what my life is like as a screenwriter, novelist, filmmaker, etc… But, I think sometimes my life is hilarious!

Funny Fridays is the day that I’ve dedicated to uploading a new video of The Chronicles of @SuperDuperYasmin… I hope you enjoy watching.

What’s your favorite TV show on right now? I’d love to hear about it. What makes it your favorite??? Black List is my favorite show, but I also love EMPIRE, Person of Interest, Scandal and a few others. OMG—> THE GOOD WIFE!!! I love Alicia Florrick. She is one of my favorites!!!!

If you’re on Instagram, please follow me: I’m @superduperyasmin  !!!

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