I love my Youtube channel. I love all the people who watch Youtube videos and leave comments. Taking the time to leave a comment on someone else’s video is a special thing. Some people look at it as nothing, but it is a BIG DEAL!

I appreciate EVERY SINGLE ONE of my comments – good and bad. It lets me know that you’re watching and I appreciate that. So… long story longer…

After reaching 500 subscribers on Youtube, I decided when I reached 600 subscribers, I’d do a Thank You video and a Get To Know Me video in which I share 6 things that people probably don’t know about me. And, I’d answer questions that people ask me all the time. One question that I answered, “Is Yasmin Shiraz, my real name?” Well there are 6 questions like this and I answered them all. I thank everyone who has watched my videos on Youtube, shared them and left a comment. I appreciate your support!

To watch the video, check below:

I’ve had my Youtube channel for a long time, but I’ve used it more for my film trailers. Now, I use it to do movie and tv show reviews, opinions as well. The goal of my channel is to not only share my films but to support other filmmakers, tv show producers, etc. I want to send out positive support to everyone who is creating awesome content.

In the next video, maybe I’ll answer questions like:

What was the first book that you’ve ever written?

Who is your favorite author?

Who is your favorite singer?

What is your favorite movie?

What’s your favorite food?

What’s your favorite food to cook?

When I reach 750 subscribers, maybe it’ll be time for a new video. Let me know if you have any questions that you’d like me to answer… Email me:


Peace & Love,



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