I consider myself social media saavy. I have twitter, pinterest, facebook, instagram, tumblr, linkedin, stumbleupon, etc and I actually use them. But, the one social media network that I should understand more is GoodReads and I’m not GoodReads saavy. At least not yet.

Though I’m an author and an avid reader,  I haven’t fully grasped how to work GoodReads. From librarians and readers, I hear that GoodReads is great but I simply haven’t figured it out yet. An experience this weekend, however, has gone a long way to helping me realize what’s great about GoodReads. And as a result, I believe GoodReads status updates are changing the way we read.

A book reviewer started to read Accused this weekend and tweeted me her status on the book. This was the first time that I had ever received a status update in the middle of someone reading. She was 35% done the book. It was really interesting and I felt connected to the reader’s experience. I took a screen shot of her status update. Here it is.


In today’s society, social media brings us closer to our readers and closer to our reader’s experiences. I must admit that it felt good to know where the reader was in the book and how she was feeling about the progress of the story. But had the reader been HATING the story, I don’t know how I would have felt. But, I imagine that it wouldn’t have been great.

Anyway, I wanna give a shout out to @ReneeGiraldy for being the first person to tweet a status update of one my books while she was reading it. I’m truly beginning to understand how GoodReads status updates are changing the way that we read.

Do you give status updates when you’re reading a book? Do you have a GoodReads account at all?

Peace & Love,




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