tyrellI recently began a small online book club / mentorship program. It’s just me and my cousin. I’m mentoring her as a writer. As part of our program, we’ve agreed to read one book a week. We take turns picking out books, and this week’s book was Tyrell by Coe Booth. The book was about a homeless teen living in New York’s Bronx borough. I enjoyed how the author gave so much detail to what the character went through.

In my many travels, I have never met a youth who confided in me that he/she was homeless.

This book opened my eyes to how homelessness affects young people.

Way to go, Coe!

FYI: The book, Tyrell, does contain language and sexual situations.

On a personal note, reading Tyrell made me appreciate the differences in storytelling. Every author has a style, a voice, the way that they see or write a story. And though you may not prefer it, agree with it, or even like it, the author had a specific idea in mind. I read many of the reviews of Tyrell after I read it and it helped me to see that book reviewers and readers are so different with varied expectations. As an author, you cannot worry if someone likes or dislikes your work, you have to focus on telling the story as you believe it should be told. That’s your role as an author.

I hope everyone will enjoy the recommended reading that I share with you from time to time.

If you’d like to purchase Tyrell on Amazon, please click below…

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