GROWING UP POSITIVE heads to Toronto

Growing Up Positive, our 42 minute film on HIV/AIDS from the perspective of two women who were born HIV+ was recently selected to the 2015 Toronto Black Film Festival. I want to thank the organizers and jury for reviewing our film and all the films which were submitted. I’m looking forward to the international premiere of Growing Up Positive. You can see the trailer below:


Here’s some info about the film:

Growing Up Positive: A Documentary Film Directed by Yasmin Shiraz

Does race impact how a person lives with HIV? Two US based women born HIV+, one black and one white, share how living with HIV impacted their early childhood, dating, and sexual experiences. With race as a backdrop, their stories show how differently race has impacted how they’ve lived with their HIV status. Both women were 25 at the time of their interviews and at point where they shared their teen dating experiences as well as their hopes for finding life long partners.

Hydeia Broadbent, HIV Activist
A long time HIV Activist who’s been professionally speaking since the age of 6, Hydeia Broadbent stays busy speaking out about HIV Awareness and prevention. She’s appeared on Oprah, 20/20, Good Morning America and has been featured in The New York Times, Essence, Ebony, among others.

Abigail Harrigan, HIV Activist
Educated about her disease at a young age, Abigail was taught to be open about her status. After she graduated from college she began partnering with Boys & Girls Clubs and colleges/universities in her hometown spreading awareness about HIV/AIDS.


Thank you to the team who worked on the project: Viet, JB, Kevin, David and of course, Hydeia and Abby!!


Peace & Love,



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