fourI wanted to take this time to say Happy Thanksgiving and to thank you for being a part of my valued tribe. When I receive emails and words of encouragement from you it means the world to me. In fact, it motivates me to keep writing, producing and connecting with audiences across the globe. So, during the season of Thanksgiving, I wanted you to know that I’m thankful for you.

Every year when my family celebrates Thanksgiving, I’m tasked with finding something fun to do. A couple of years ago I found the game 4 on the internet. 4 is an excellent way to keep the conversation lively and on topic during Thanksgiving. All you have to do is cut out the number 4 and give it to each guest. While at the feast, you tell your guest that they were given a ‘4’ so they can share what they are thankful for. That’s it!

I require my guests to share at least 3 things and I needle them a bit if I think their answers aren’t well thought out. (Hey, I really get into it.)

Anyway, Happy Thanksgiving and feel free to use the 4 game at your Thanksgiving table. Even the little ones can play.

Peace & Love,




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