Welcome to episode 10 of Live Better with your host, Yasmin Shiraz. Today, I want to discuss a health tip: Save Your Teeth. The show is often career, business and entrepreneurship heavy, so I wanted to include a health tip for everyone. But, also I needed to remind myself that living better is not just business and finance, but its also health and spirituality as well.


So, I have an interesting health tip for today. Save Your Teeth!

My new dentist actually told me about this. But, my old dentist didn’t and probably should have. How many of you have heard of ACT, the Anti-cavity Kids fluoride rinse? On the label it says that it helps prevent cavities and strengthens teeth. The reason that I’m bringing it up today is that though this product is marketed toward children, my dentist recently shared with me that it is a great cavity prevention tool for adults as well. Because of its marketing to children, I had never personally thought to add ACT to my dental regimen.


Save Your Teeth 1It seems as we’ve gotten older, many of us have accepted tooth decay and root canals as par for the course. But, I am telling you of my personal experience of using ACT and it has been great for my teeth. I had a small cavity that my dentist told me would need to be filled in 6 months, and a year later that cavity was smaller and didn’t need to be filled at all. I had started using Act after the new dentist told me about it and it had a positive affect on my teeth. So, that’s my personal experience. I encourage everyone to talk to their dentists and see what your dentist recommends. But, in America, dentists make more money filling your cavity or giving you a root canal than they do telling you to buy a 4 dollar bottle of cavity prevention.


So, ask for their advice at your own risk or try ACT at your own risk. I’ve had a positive experience. The people at ACT did not ask me for my endorsement. I am just sharing this info because I believe it could help someone out there. It could probably help someone Save Their Teeth.


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I appreciate you reading this post and/or listening to the podcast.

See you next time.


PS. ACT is a rinse that takes about 1 minute to swish around your mouth. If you elect to try it out, the directions are on the bottle.

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